What’s the matter? Survey

18 September 2023
***The 'What's the matter?' survey has now closed - thank you to everyone who contributed. Here's what they had to say.***


B2B marketing is exciting and fun and frustrating and hard.

Stakeholders expect you to deliver more with less. Martech is moving at hyperspeed. Pipelines are unpredictable. Customers demand social value and competitive prices.

There’s A LOT going on. A lot to do. A lot to think about. But it’s too easy to get caught in the routine rather than focus your energy on what really matters – especially when marketing’s answerable to seemingly everyone. 

We feel your pain (points), but to truly understand the state of B2B marketing in 2023, we need to go straight to the source. 

That’s why we’re asking B2B marketers:


What’s the matter?

We want to know what you’re dealing with. The things keeping you up at night. The projects you don’t have time to even think about, let alone investigate, implement and optimise. 

Let us know what’s the matter, and you’ll benefit in three ways: 

You’ll feel better. (A problem shared and all that.)

You’ll help us make B2B better. 

You’ll get a £10 M&S voucher for your troubles. 

Feeling shy?

Don’t be. This is your opportunity to join a nationwide B2B conversation. Here’s what other people told us when we asked them ‘What’s the matter?’:

Penny for your thoughts

The first 100 B2B marketers to share their matters with us will receive a £10 M&S voucher via email. You can share multiple matters, but vouchers are limited to one per person.


No gibberish please! 

We’ll check each submission before sending the rewards, and any answers deemed nonsensical – or non-human! – will not qualify. 


We’re independent

M&S Corporate Gifts may be one of our clients, and our chosen gifting supplier, but they’re not affiliated with this survey or the wider campaign in any way. 



The survey closes on 10th November 2023. Survey responses are completely confidential and collected for research purposes only. They will not be shared with any third-parties, misused or made public. For more information, read our Privacy Policy here.