From AI fear to website woes: Why we’re asking B2B marketers, ‘What’s the matter?’

18 September 2023

Marketers face a unique set of challenges, some ever-evolving, some ever-present.

Constant deadlines. Last minute requests. The peculiar requirement to be both creative and analytical, often at the same time. The occasional ego. Budget cuts. The context switching between clients and internal stakeholders, deep work and Slack notifications. It’s only marketing. But it’s a lot.

As marketers, we’re quite a passionate bunch, and we stake a lot on our professional successes and failures. We know what matters at work goes beyond the technology or the marketing itself. We take pride in a job well done and a lead well-generated. Now, we want to know more about what matters to you


It’s only B2B marketing, but I like it.

Marketers wear many hats. Client-side, the marketing team is answerable to seemingly everyone. CMOs acting as marketing managers. Stakeholders expect you to deliver more with less. Pipelines are unpredictable. Customers demand both social value and competitive pricing.

Agency-side, multiple clients to please, each with a unique relationship and unique needs. Then there’s growth and timesheets and strategy and process and oh-my-god-another-pitch.

Then there’s the constantly emerging, constantly evolving technology. How does AI fit into your offering or your job role? Do you need to upgrade your website? Is a headless CMS actually worth it? What are the right metrics to report on? 

Then there’s people and community. How does each member of your team need to progress? Are you doing enough to prove social value? Is your talent pipeline strong enough? 

So many big questions. We didn’t want to – couldn’t! – cover them all. Instead, we’re setting out to get ‘from the horse’s mouth’ insight into whatever’s most important to you, so we can build a picture of the biggest issues facing B2B marketers.

Why the overwhelm? How’s the burnout? Where’s the fire? What’s the matter?

One big question, multiple insights.

We love a quant survey as much as the next guy. Probably more, to be honest. But now, we want to get up close and personal, and into a bit more depth. Not stipulating rigid questions you need to answer, but understanding what matters to you. Here’s your opportunity to get your biggest bugbear off your chest, and see how it compares to those of your peers.

Anything from streamlining teams to embracing new tech, from dealing with pressure from on high to mentoring junior staff. We want to know what’s genuinely bothering you. What’s causing you headaches in your day to day? What’s the matter?

Our survey's now closed, but here's what they had to say.