The Gender Equality x Sustainability survey

Matt Barton
24 May 2023

Our new gender equality and sustainability survey with InnovateHer

How aware are businesses of the connection between gender equality and corporate sustainability? And are they doing enough to support it?

That’s the crux of our new Gender Equality x Sustainability report, which we’re launching with our social value partner, InnovateHer. We’re asking organisations across the UK about their recruitment initiatives, perceptions of femininity and what they’re doing to support women in the workplace.

Our survey confronts these issues head on, with questions that aren’t asked enough, to uncover the true EDI landscape – from the greatest strides, to the progress left to make. The responses will shape a report that we’re pretty sure will be the first of its kind to shine a light on this relatively unknown intersection between gender equality and sustainability, and will ensure business leaders understand the value and opportunity it presents for everyone.

You can sign up to read the report - and all its insight into EDI tensions and successes - which is now live!


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